Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cupcakes on parade

I have had many opportunities to put my cupcakes on parade.....and  thought I would share a few photos with you. My Banana Cinnamon Cupcakes were a smash hit! I think I sold out of all of them. The cake itself is so moist and flavorful topped off with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon...makes my mouth water just thinking of them!

 My Vanilla cream cheese cupcakes just melt in your mouth! Rich moist flavorful cake topped with a swirl of  cream cheese frosting..I love that combination any time!

These Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes are my finest creation! The chocolate cake is also rich and moist and loaded with semisweet and dark chocolate chips. OH it is like biting into pure decadence! Sometimes I flavor the chocolate with a hint of Orange or peppermint. This particular batch was just all chocolate. The frosting a vanilla frosting with fresh raspberries mixed in to give it that rich pink color! 

Please enjoy my cupcake parade today!

Peace and Cupcakes!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness......I am in need of some of those gorgeous cupcakes made by my darlin
    Cupcakery grand granddaugter. I love the photos they are beautiful. I love and miss you tons!!!